1. The Dogtor's 4th
    Dogtor Hairbrain

  2. The Lost Waltz (Everyone Wants To Be The Beatles)
    Kissing Book

  3. Everyday Is Valentine's Day (featuring Tali White)
    Kissing Book (featuring Tali White)

  4. Much Too Much (featuring Benji Cossa)
    Kissing Book (featuring Benji Cossa)

  5. Hold Your Head Up (featuring #Poundsign#)
    Kissing Book (featuring #Poundsign#)

  6. This One Could (featuring Mark Monnone)
    Kissing Book (featuring Mark Monnone)

  7. Should've Seen Us Yesterday (featuring Dear Nora)
    Kissing Book (featuring Dear Nora)

  8. On The 3rd Time (featuring Joey Kneiser)
    Kissing Book (featuring Joey Kneiser)

  9. Melbourne
    Kissing Book

  10. Kissing Book / Orly Valse (split single)
    Orly Valse / Kissing Book

  11. Stars In Skies (remix)
    kissing book

  12. Selfish (demo)

    Andrew 'Hotdog' Kaffer

  14. Wha's The Use In Stallin'? (cassingle)
    A Kaffer

  15. Told Yah (Not To Wait) ((cassingle))
    Andrew Kaffer & Mark Monnone

  16. Bored Stiff (cassingle)
    A Kaffer

  17. Battle of the Bags (ep)
    The Stuffed Shirts

  18. Doing The Math (single)
    kissing book

  19. MR. PRESTO (4 songs from the original motion picture soundtrack)
    A Kaffer & The Stuffed Shirts

  20. Early Ears (1995-2001)
    A Kaffer & Friends

  21. Confusion Hair
    A Kaffer & the Stuffed Shirts

  22. Wolfman's Lament (single)

  23. (still) NO $$$ (still) NO PROBLEMS (cardboard single)
    Andrew Kaffer & Mark Monnone

  24. The Missing Link

  25. NO $$$ NO PROBLEMS (cardboard single)
    Mark Monnone & Andrew Kaffer

  26. Idle Idol

  27. the Backstabber (single)

  28. Loosen Up! (pulled-tape cassingle)
    Cameron Bird & Andrew Kaffer

  29. Choose Your Own Title (Dusty remix single)
    Kissing Book

  30. (s)
    Kissing Book

  31. Instrumental(s)
    Kissing Book

  32. Detective Agency (single)
    ANDREWS (Andrew Withycombe & Andrew Kaffer)

  33. Another Sad City (ep)
    Kissing Book

  34. Lines & Color
    Kissing Book

  35. Lines & Color instrumentals
    Kissing Book

  36. Songs for Lp (lines&color demos)
    Kissing Book

  37. Tales Of A Fourth Grade Nothing (single)
    Kissing Book


Andrew Kaffer Salem, Oregon

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